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It seems that the VIM color scheme is conflict with Mac Terminal's setting.

I want to change the highlight search color. And it's OK by setting in VIM ESC mode. (:hi search ctermbg=4)

However, it's not work to set in .vimrc.

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Are you setting hl Search ctermbg=4 after setting colorscheme in .vimrc? –  jamapag Jul 7 '11 at 14:59

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You have to edit your color scheme directly.

If it's one you downloaded from www.vim.org it is probably located in ~/.vim/colors, if it's one of the default color schemes it can be located in many places depending on wether you use the Apple-provided vim or another one you installed yourself. You can type :set rtp? to see where to find the colorscheme you are using.

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if its one downloaded by you and it doesn't work try moving it to ~/.vim-x/colors.

For some reason Mac sometimes reads that instead of ~/.vim

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