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I'm using Microsoft Word 2010 and I worked in a word-2003 compatible document (.doc). After hours of working, I selected a half of text and did Ctrl+X to copy it into another document. Surprising, after closing the current document and opening a new one and pressing Ctrl+V, nothing happened. After closing original document, ms word asked me if I want to save the clipboard buffer and I pressed No, as I didn't knew that MS Word has it's own clipboard.

Is there a way to recover that text that was "cutten" from original document and never "pasted" to the new one? The PC was not rebooted so i guess all my temp files are here.

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This MAY work: On the File tab/menu, select Recent. In the lower right half is the button "Recover Unsaved Documents". Click and see if you can still recover it. This may work even after you have rebooted your computer.

You can also check the Info option on the File tab/menu - try the Manage Versions button.

FYI, every application potentially will hold the data on behalf of the clipboard. Word gives you the option of physically placing it on the clipboard when you exit Word - and that's where you should have said Yes instead of No.

Good luck, Yosh

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