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Every time I change my screen resolution, my "arranged desktop" goes unarranged.

And even when I change back the screen resolution, it does not get "rearranged".

I was wondering: Are there any solutions to this problem?

(32 Bit Windows Vista Home Premium SP2)

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I know of two utility programs for this. PC Magazine's WinTidy and Iconoid. PC Mag charges for downloads. Iconoid is available free from

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+1 Nice find... – KCotreau Jul 5 '11 at 20:30

I have my parents set up with Fences, a program that allows you to group and organize your desktop icons. Also, the animation for shifting icons around on screen when you drag one through a group of other icons is amazing.

It's free.

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Just checked today - free for 30 days - then it costs... – yosh m Mar 6 at 22:01

Probably overpowering, but I use Dextop. It's a virtual desktop manager. It also has a nice feature that directs new windows to which ever desktop you placed a program on the last run.

The drawback is the programs are constantly running.

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