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In Photshop, if I copy a portion of an image with surrounding transparent pixels and paste it into a new canvas, it will have the outside transparent pixels removed, resulting in a tight canvas containing only the outer bounding box.

Can I do the same thing in Gimp?

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Use the menus: Image> Autocrop Image

piece of cake.

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Wow, can't believe I didn't find that. And I did have a decent dig in the menus. – alex Jul 6 '11 at 1:38
It's not actually descriptively named, and it seems too good to be true :-) When was image manipulation ever that easy? – Ele Munjeli Jul 6 '11 at 1:56
If $deity had wanted image editing to be obvious and simple, they wouldn't have given us GIMP – Linker3000 Jul 6 '11 at 8:32

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