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I need an application/script or some way to record when a user logs onto their PC, when they logoff and the users name. I would like to have it save to a .csv or a data file that I can pull together and use as a punch clock type system. Also maybe a script that something like auto hotkey can run and gather up all the times every night and save them into one overall time sheet.

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Most operating systems already do this - logging functionality for logons/logoffs is pretty standard.

In Windows the Event Log stores this information. Check out for deeper information.

In Linux you would look under /var/log/adm

Both could be easily used to track logon/logoffs if you want to measure time/attendance

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Windows' Event Log also records Computer Locked/Unlocked events in the application log. – njd Jul 6 '11 at 8:53

It is not exactly what you are asking for, and it is a bit clumsy in places but this app may give you a starting point. It is written in AutoHotkey Basic and is open source so you can modify it to your needs.

Log Out Logger is a simple utility to monitor and record system log in and shutdown times independently of Windows. Many applications show system up time but most of them just read the Windows activity logs, so if anything messes with those logs, like a system roll back application or a system restore, then the data is lost. Log Out Logger gets around this.

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