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I was working on a program and while I am deploying the power went out. When the power back on I can't run/debug my .NET 3.5 program on target Windows CE anymore. I am trying to remove .NET CF 3.5 from control panel but it failed and complains some files are locked or read only.

Is there any other or manual way I can uninstall .NET CF 3.5 from my Windows CE?

Thanks very much!

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Here is the .Net cleanup tool, but I am not sure it will run on CE, so I am not posting it as an anwser. If it works, post back. – KCotreau Jul 6 '11 at 13:22
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I finally found the solution. It's actually very easy.

Use Regedit open HKLM/Software/Microsoft/.NETCompactFramework, delete the key named 3.5.xxxx.xx (x being any digit)

Run .NET 3.5 deploy CAB on windows ce. .NET3.5 will install like it was never installed before.

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