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I have a usb WiFI adapter that I lost the installation cd the only identification numbers that it has is

wlan 11n mini usb adapter fcc id: Wklwl 6203 s/n 27110262066

A google search doesn't come up with anything is there anything that I can do to get Windows XP to identify it.

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Doing an 'FCC ID Search' on Wklwl 6203 comes up with the following info:

Your device was made by CC&C Technologies, Inc.

You can download the users manual from here:

The manufacturers Web site is here: but has no drivers on it! There are some contact details though so you could try emailing them...or via this wikidev page, the following are compatible adaptors using the same chipset:

  • Asus WLAN 802.11N USB DONGLE MSQ-WL6203 WKLWL6203
  • Brite-view WL-6203 WKLWL6203
  • CC&C WL-6203-V1 WKLWL6203
  • CC&C WL-6203-V1A WKLWL6203
  • IOGear GWU625 QLEGWU625
  • Zinwell ZIN-6203 WKLWL6203

You may have better luck getting working drivers from one of these manufacturers: eg: here's the drivers at IOGear

Let us know if they work or not.

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Maybe drivers for it are pre-installed with another OS.. Can you try it on some other OS and see if it recognizes the device? Then you could try to find XP drivers for it (Win7, OSX, Linux [try 'lspci -v' on Linux], etc..)

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