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while true; do date; sleep 1; done


Thu Aug 27 17:33:24 IDT 2009
Thu Aug 27 17:33:25 IDT 2009
Thu Aug 27 17:33:26 IDT 2009


nohup while true; do date; sleep 1; done

Got me:

bash: syntax error near unexpected token `do'

Any ideas why?

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If you REALLY wanted to do it all on the command line without making a script, do this:

nohup bash -c "while true; do date; sleep 1; done"
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+1 & correct, Short and to the point. thanks! – Adam Matan Aug 27 '09 at 15:16

nohup takes a command, "while" is not a command, it is a shell builtin.

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while is actually a command that is built into bash, not a separate executable, so nohup can't run it. If you want to do this, you'll need to put your commands into a file and then use nohup to run that file.

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