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I am trying to install perforce on my Ubuntu machine, after I untar the .tgz file, I get two folders lib and bin. Where would be the executable or how do I install it correctly?

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'Bin' is usually short for 'Binary', which is where most executables are stored. Do an 'ls' in the unzipped parent directory to see if there are files titled similar to "INSTALL.txt" or "README.txt."

If it is a precompiled standalone executable (you might check the site where you downloaded it from for instructions), you should just be able to run it by 'cd'ing to the 'bin' directory and then running ./<EXECUTABLENAME>

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It's actually pretty easy, you just copy (or move) everything in the bin directory to /usr/bin and everything in the lib directory to /usr/lib (recursively):

tar xvfz p4v.tgz
cd p4v-2010.2.317255
sudo cp bin/* /usr/bin/
sudo cp -r lib/* /usr/lib/
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If you don't have superuser or sudo rights, you can do a similar thing, but copy to /home/yourname/bin/ and /home/yourname/lib, or whatever is in your path. –  Chance Jul 25 '11 at 22:26

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