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I never pay for Adobe products and I would like to make a PDF doc. Is it possible somehow to do it for free?


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Google Docs allows you to save documents to a PDF. On Mac OS X, it is also possible to "print" literally anything to a PDF (just hit COMMAND+P, then use the PDF button to save the file). If you are into programming, you can use LaTeX to write your document and then use pdflatex to create a PDF.

If you are trying to write a program that generates PDFs, the source code of LaTeX or OpenOffice should include a bit of code to generate PDF documents. There are probably other libraries to do this.

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For most case, I use pdfCreator. It install a virtual printer you can use all of your programs. When you print with this virtual printer it generates a pdf file corresponding to the same outpout you get with your printer :)

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Check out PDF995 - it installs as a printer driver, so you can go and "print" to it and it takes the output and makes it into a PDF.

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A similar tool to this is CutePDF, which is also free. – Drav Sloan Jul 6 '11 at 1:47

Are you trying to convert a MS Office file to PDF? If so, you could use OpenOffice.

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just trying to write text and save as PDF – Genadinik Jul 6 '11 at 1:46

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