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I am tired of using Norton Safety Minder, and want to uninstall it. Should I use Windows Add/Remove Programs, or Norton’s own uninstaller?

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From experience I'd say try Add/Remove (or Programs and Features) and then use the Norton Uninstaller as a last resort. The Norton Uninstaller does take a long time to run but does a very thorough job of cleaning up, but I wouldn't recommend running it unnecessarily.

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I think the Norton Uninstaller is a bit overkill, its normally recommended when you have trouble removing the software.

Try a Add/Remove first, if this leads to complications further down the line then i suggest looking into Norton Uninstaller

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I recommend you using Revo Uninstaller (Free). After uninstalling the program with its native uninstaller, it searchs for your disk and the entire registry for probable leftovers (files, folders, registry entries).

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