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I'm confused because Wikipedia it clearly says that Intel G41 chipset does NOT support
Hardware Virtualization. However, from GA-EP41T-UD3L manual, which has G41, I see that its bios has Virtualization setting, which is enabled and in the note I see that if CPU supports this feature then it can also support. So I'm confused and the question is does GA-EP41T-UD3L support HW virtualization or not?

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While what Wikipedia has listed as "No" is hardware virtualization (referring to Intel's VT-d technology), your motherboard's manual (which does not mention hardware virtualization, but only "Virtualization Technology") actually refers to enabling/disabling processor virtualization (Intel's VT-x technology).

The two are fundamentally different, so to avoid confusion, I will use Intel's VT nomenclature from now on.

Intel's VT-x allows a virtual machine's code to run directly on a CPU, which your motherboard does have support for. Intel's VT-d allows direct access to the chipset's I/O lines (through an actual hardware interface, which your motherboard does not have), which provide DMA support and direct hardware access (instead of emulated).

So in summary, your motherboard does support VT-x (processor virtualization), but it does not support VT-d (hardware virtualization).

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