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I'm running a Windows Media Center box (using Windows 7 Professional). Movies are encoded as MKV files, each movie in its own folder, and I'm using YAMMM to provide metadata.

I have set up Parental Controls for both TV and DVD (DVD controls Movies as well, is this correct?) so that blocking is on, and blocks unrated movies, and has a maximum allowed rating of None (so it should block all rated AND unrated movies).

When I play a movie, it plays without asking for an access code, no matter what rating is set on the movie.

Has anyone else experienced this or knows what is going on here?

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Having the same issue, was told the user running windows media center couldn't be an administrator otherwise the parental controls would not work.

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OK, that probably makes sense... – Darren Oster May 25 '12 at 4:27

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