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What's the shortcut key to access the sign "/" on keyboard? My notebook is a Lenovo Ideapad.

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Should be on the Keyboard. Which kind of Ideapad do you have? – Ziyao Wei Jul 8 '11 at 18:05
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Adding onto Horatio's answer, to access the / key on your keyboard, it's typically under the Q. To press that key, you must use the Alt Gr right next to the Win Key.

Take a look at the picture in horatio's answer and use that as a reference.

You must press Alt Gr + Q to get the /.

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Your account mentions brasil, and according to this image:

The '/' key is in two places: below the Q using a function key (upper left), and on the same key as the '?' beside the right shift key. Note also that the right-hand ALT key is color-coded blue, the same as the / under the Q

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