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My question is about the Firefox add-on Pentadactyl (the question is also relevant to it's parent project Vimperator). In Pentadactyl, there is a way to save an image:


At this point, you select the image you wish to save, but I want to copy the image to clipboard.

Does anyone know if there is a simple way to do that?

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Here's the best solution I could develop (valid for Linux only):

Install AutoKey, add a script there:

from Xlib import display

c = display.Display().screen().root.query_pointer()._data
x = c["root_x"]
y = c["root_y"]

keyboard.send_key("<down>", repeat=10)


This script makes AutoKey press mouse-3, and then it presses ArrowDown 10 times (I have a 'Copy Image' there), and finally it presses Enter -- so that pic under Your current mouse position goes to clipboard. You can then bind this script to a key in AutoKey. Works more-or-less stable (don't call it several times at ones).

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All of that with xdotool: xdotool click 3 key Down Down Down Down Down Down Down Return. – manveru Oct 29 '12 at 11:00
@manveru: both these solutions are bad. They use GUI, and the number of menu entries depends on the extensions installed. – Adobe Oct 29 '12 at 12:08

Not sure if this was available when the question was asked, but pentadactyl has a yank hint mode now, accessed through ;y, after which you select the link or image you want to yank, just like for ;s

See :help hints for all the available hints modes

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