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I am struggling with understanding permissions with FreeNAS.

I have a SMB share I would like to share with EVERYONE (it's just 1 box and my family). I want to enable read/write/execute for all users. How do I accomplish this without having to do a chmod? Possible?

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I am running FreeNAS as a VM. My permissions were not sticking.

I went to the FreeNAS server and opened a shell.

Run zfs list to find the path.

cd /PATH

Find the directory that needs changing.

Since I didn't have anything in that directory I was able to use a -R in the following for recursive:

chown -R nobody:nogroup directory

ls -l # to verify

Ctrl+d to get out.

Worked perfectly.

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Your solution worked perfectly! Getting a bit annoyed by this. FreeNAS.... a way to have network address storage.... and yet you can't write anything to the drives.... Grrr! – cs94njw Dec 7 '15 at 10:36

Set Authentication to Anonymous in CIFS/SMB|Settings and remove check from "Set read only" checkbox when you create a share. That should do. Though in FreeNas you cannot always get away with GUI setup only. In that case you can run "chmod" from Advanced|Command.

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