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My Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop running Windows XP will turn on - the three indicator lights on the screen hinge come on, as do all the indicators on the laptop itself. The power indicator stays on, the disk and battery indicators each flash twice, then stay off. Only the power indicator and the lock with the '9' stay on. Have a monitor hooked up to the laptop, and nothing ever comes up on the screen at all. Monitor always works fine, tested it with a pc and it works. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I am new to laptops.

This happens regardless of whether I am using the battery or have the laptop plugged in.

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Sounds like a dead laptop. – KCotreau Jul 10 '11 at 0:27

Try unplugging it and holding the power key down for at least 30 seconds. After releasing the power key plug it back in and try to start it up.

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He can try this, but also remove the battery for at least a minute so any capacitors discharge. – KCotreau Jul 10 '11 at 0:34
Its a good suggestion @KCotreau. – avirk Jul 10 '11 at 1:32
@avirk Thanks...still sounds like it's dead. :( – KCotreau Jul 10 '11 at 1:37
I work with 100's of laptops and desktops. This method resets the power system and solves the problem more often then not. Especially in cases when "The power indicator stays on". I have not had to remove the batteries on laptops to do this. – Kevin Jul 10 '11 at 1:42
I tend to hold the power button for 40-50 seconds for good measure – Kevin Jul 10 '11 at 1:47

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