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Is there any way to switch tabs using exactly one keystroke in Chrome? I've tried the Shortcut Manager extension, but it doesn't disable the shortcuts while in text fields, which makes it impossible (or, at least, impractical) to use a single keystroke to switch tabs.

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Wouldn't assigning only one key cause an interference while typing. By default Ctrl + <number> let's you switch to a tab. If only <number> was responsible for switching tabs then no one would be able to type a number to a text box in Chrome. Unless you want the shortcuts to only work when you are not using text boxes in web pages; which is not how Chrome currently works. – Thomas Jul 10 '11 at 6:40
Nope. The plugins that I use in Safari and Firefox simply ignore the keystroke if you're in a text field. And can you be more specific by “not how Chrome currently works”? Is there any reason plugins couldn't simply check the originalTarget of the key press event to determine if it's an input? – David Wolever Jul 10 '11 at 6:56
What I meant by 'not how Chrome currently works' was that the default keyboard shortcuts work even while I'm in a text box. So the chance that you would be able to set shortcuts, based on how chrome default shortcuts worked looked slim. A baseless presumption!!! Hopefully you get an answer. – Thomas Jul 10 '11 at 7:07

I use Vimium in Chrome. It enables vim-like keyboard shortcuts. Default for switching tab is uppercase j/k (so you may count this as two key strokes, but I do think it should be possible to remap). As vim uses the concept of edit/visual/insert mode it should not interfere when you are in text fields.

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Try Autohotkey. The script will go something like this--

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