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Every time I try to access the contents of my pen drive in any PC I see a dialog box with the following error message:

Disk is not formatted

I then give it the order to format the pen drive. However, it's not successful and gives me a dialog box with this error:

Windows was unable to complete the format

After I press OK it then give me this message:

Disk is not formatted.

Then I try to format via DOS prompt and use this command:

format i:/q/fs:fat32

But nothing happens to the disk.

How can I access the data from my pen drive?

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I suggest using the power of Ubuntu to solve your problem.

  • Create an Ubuntu Live CD
  • Boot into Ubuntu (you do not have to install Ubuntu)
  • Plug in your USB drive
  • Use the built-in disk utility to partition your drive

Other than that, I'd say your USB drive is dead.

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How can I access the data from my pen drive?

Restore the data from your regular backup to another USB drive.

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