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Google Chrome does not work after the profile on my PC changed by joining my PC to a domain.

It does not show any message or error. Just nothing run.

Any idea.

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Presumably you installed it via ClickOnce. Install it through ClickOnce again.

Chrome is typically installed via ClickOnce, which installs for the current user.

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It is also possible you have a whole new account. When you join a domain and sign on with domain creds, Windows won't load the local account.

Either way, you'll have to reinstall Chrome.

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Google Chrome normal installer installs it only for local user. When you joined in a domain Windows created a new folder for you profile threating you as a new user (you can join to local machine profile through respective option on logon screen to enter in your old account and see that Chrome is functioning).

Two solutions:

  • Install Google Chrome again for the new user - this solution will install Chrome only for this user profile
  • Install a portable version of Google Chrome (e.g. install LiberKey and then install Google Chrome portable app on it or install a portable version directly from PortableApps) - this solution will install Chrome for all user profiles if you allow access of other users to its folder and shortcut, but with the same Chrome profile
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