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I am looking for this Firefox extension called FirstField, but for Chrome. Essentially, you press a keyboard shortcut and it focuses the first text input field on the webpage (for example, the Wikipedia search). How difficult would it be to create this?

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A quick search for focus on the Chrome Web Store brought up Input Focus. It looks like it will do what you want, press Ctrl+Alt+L to set focus on a page's first text field and then press the combo again to start cycling through whatever other text fields are on the page.

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This is exactly it. Thank you! – Gabe Jul 11 '11 at 21:52

If you're looking for something even more comprehensive, I've been super happy with the Vimium Chrome Extension which is especially fluid if you know a bit of VI(M), but useful even if not.

If you install Vimium, you can snag the first input field by typing gi

You can then tab to other text entry fields.

Alternatively, you can prefix gi with a numeral, as in 3gi, which will start you on the third visible entry field.

As an additional alternative, you can type f which will give all the clickable links & elements (including text entry fields) on the page a short keyboard command (e.g. MN). You can then type this short stroke to jump focus there.

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A perhaps important addition is that the tab and jump stuff I've described seem to only work for elements that are currently visible on the page (ie visible to the user based on scroll position). It does not appear possible to tab to text input fields that are off screen, so one would need to first scroll (Vimium has some handy shortcuts for this) and then do gi – Daniel Kessler Jan 27 '13 at 6:02

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