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I have 2 laptops at my home and one external disk. I have a requirement (more out of curiosity on how to achieve it than a real need):

I have set-up basic adhoc home network where one laptop accesses internet by usb data card and other shares the internet. Now I want to move one step further and attach an external storage disk to the network such that both the laptops can simultaneously access the disk?

How can I achieve this?

Is there a way to share one full drive from a computer with the network by say right clicking on the drive and share it in read-write mode like we share any other folder in LAN..

or is there a way to use a wireless router in the network and connect this external usb storage disk to a router port (if any)..

are there any network switches used for this purpose?

Please give some clue!

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Seagate has a new wireless storage… – Moab Jul 11 '11 at 14:10
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What you are looking for is a NAS drive, network attached storage, some more expensive all in one Wireless Routers, include methods for attaching a normal external hard drive using USB, but more commonly you purchase an external drive with the ethernet port built in, I have not seen many with Wifi, but the most common way to use them is wired to the router/switch. The review above is from last here, but should provide you with more information on how they work.

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