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Hi there unfortunatly i had a problem this weekend with what i think is my graphics card failing, its an old machine so i dont see the point in replacing it, anyway i decided to rip out the HD and pop into another machine so i dont lose any info, im a web apps programmer and theres stuff on there that i am working on right now.

Anyway an ideal situation would be where i can boot from the 2nd drive in the new machine and carry on working on my project, however i feel that i may need to format this drive so that it can be recognised at a boot up and give me the option to boot from 1st or 2nd hard drive, is there any other way around formatting..

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I would probably recommend spending around £10-£15 on a second hand graphics card, or find one lying around (borrow/beg!) for your old machine and then running something such as VMWare Converter, so you can virtualise your old machine to your new one.

Alternatively, if you plonk your old drive in the new one, it will automatically be detected - you can always boot from your main drive and just get the data from the temp drive.

If you reformat/reinstall Windows on the old drive whilst preserving the data, there will be no benefit over just copying your data from the drive.

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Hi William thanks for the prompt reply, you´ve kind of verified what i was thinking, looks like im going to have a tedious day... – MartinJJ Jul 11 '11 at 9:34

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