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I copied a directory from a Windows server into the defined document root of my MacBook's installation of Apache. However, the file permissions are wrong. I've tried setting both the user and group to _www using Terminal, but the details in Get Info looks a bit wrong.

For example, this is what's currently showing:

What's currently showing

And this is what works on other files contained in my document root:

What I want

Why does the files/folders from the Windows server only have two rows in the Sharing & Permissions section? And how can I add _www as a group so I (Martin) can view and edit files, but Apache (_www) can still view and serve them too, like my other files?

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I've solved it. I ran the following commands:

sudo chmod ug+w .

This gave a group (which somehow set itself to _www) write permissions. Then:

sudo chmod -R 775 .

This gave me and _www read and write permissions, and everyone read permissions.

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