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PDF-XChange Viewer keeps crashing on my Windows XP sp3 and I'm investigating the reason. Since I don't have the sources and the support team could not reproduce my error, I decided on debugging it on Windows...with not so much success. I'm no expert and don't really know how to analyze the dump files I created. They are downloadable from the links below. The story is documented here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. You don't need to read through them all - basically it tells about the experimental option for PDF-XChange Viewer to refresh a document that is changed while loaded, since it used to be locked and the consequences of this on my clean Windows XP sp3.

adplus dump file

Dr Watson dump file

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Microsoft used to have a webcast video by Mark Russinovich, one of the authors of the Windows Internals book. I'm not sure if they still provide it for free, but you can see it on YouTube.

It's basically a quick intro to the tools (mostly Sysinternals + WinDebug) and techniques outlined in the Windows Internals book. It should get you going, and you can dig up more info on the Sysinternals website.

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I know a tool called DebugView for Windows that you can use to do it.

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