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When marking several music files in finder, and openning them in VLC, then the player starts playing the last file and stops. What's the trick to make it play the files in the selected order? Or at least the alphabetic one...

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Did you make sure the 'Random' isn't ticked under the Playback DDW? worked for me! good luck dog. – user302349 Feb 22 '14 at 12:40
If someone like me stuck in 'Random' order - just press CMD+Z and it will disable random order. – whitesiroi Nov 7 '15 at 6:39
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It won't do it by default - what you need to do is drag them all in, and then select the first one in the playlist viewer.

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Can I change the default? This workaround you suggested is natural, and clearly the one I'm using - but it is still not the best you can hope for :) Thanks anyway! – Dror Jul 11 '11 at 13:17
It doesn't look like you can change the defaults - the VLC documentation wiki at certainly doesn't give it as an option. – Rory Alsop Jul 11 '11 at 13:32
Two years later, and this "feature" still isn't resolved... Pretty annoying imho. – Matthias May 9 '13 at 9:33

Select all, right click, select: sort by|name|ascending. The easiest way I have found.

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I tried a solution for vlc playing disorder. Will explain with an example. Suppose you downloaded a movie divided in 12 parts namely 1,2,3.. etc. If more than 9 parts rename all as 01 instead of just 1 likewise. Save them in a separate folder. When you open the folder go to view tab and choose details so that files will be seen as 01, 02... from top to bottom.

Now first open vlc programm. Go to media tab click and open "open file". Browse and choose the saved folder in the appropriate drive. click on the folder. You will see all files lined up as 01, 02.. etc from top to bottom. Select all files at once by selection 01 and shift key and dragging till last imp note never choose 12 first start with 01 and go downward selecting all files at once and press enter.

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OK if you click on the "title" bar just right above the song names it will automatically sort from then on. However, it seems like it starts playing at the last played track number instead of starting at the first one. But at least its in order now when I open it.

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I wanted to play an album in order of track no. and I worked out how to play it any order you want:

Go to View -> Playlist. Right click any of the panels that say Track, Duration, etc. Choose the list view you want to see, then click on that list option to put the tracks in that order (I wanted track order).

Alternatively you can drag tracks into any order you want.

Finally, just double click the top trick to start playing from the top of the list

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Go to View User. Highlight all the tracks. Then right click. It gives you options to order them by; alphabetical, track number etc.

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I think that the idea is to try to make it simpler. of course that once in VLC, even given the case that it started wrongly, you can change the order of the play list and start it over.

I think the ideal would be to find a way in what you could select in your browser a bunch of songs, hit enter and have the songs playing in the right order (the one they were on the folder).

I've been annoyed with this for years.

open VLC first and then drag the songs works, but that definitely involve more steps than a simple "enter"

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How does this answer differ from the accepted one? – Insane Oct 25 '15 at 22:59

Just Go to View-->Playlist-->right click on the empty area-->Choose Advanced open-->click Add-->choose your files-->click select. That's all :D

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