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I know that gzip compress a file, but I would want to know. How to compress a list of files, each file in their own GZIP file ?

I need to use the list of a folder: ls log.2011 And for each file create a zipped file.

Any ideas ?

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So your file log.2011 lists compressed files? You want them all compressed as a single archive right? I'd look at using tar. – Doc Jul 11 '11 at 15:59
do you have a bunch of folders with x amount of files in and you want a zip for each folder? because multiple files requires tar aswell. – squarebear Jul 11 '11 at 16:13

gzip will always compress each file into a single .gz file when given a list of files on its command line.

For example

$ gzip -r log.2011

to recursively walk the log.2011 directory and compress all files it finds, or

$ gzip log.2011/*

to compress only the files in the log.2011 directory without descending into subdirectories.

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This will output a gz archive for each matching file, files are replaced by the archive:

gzip fileprefix*

Have a look to the '-r' flag too.

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