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I'm beginning to do a lot of typing in Spanish, and am hoping for a convenient way to use the few special characters (accented vowels, and the ñ) in a system-wide fashion. I have used Spanish language keyboards before, which do the trick, but I'm not interested in changing keyboards every 5 minutes when I change language contexts.

As I recall, the Spanish keyboards accomplish the accent marks by essentially adding a new "shift"-type key, when pressed in combination with the vowel, it produces the accented version.

I've also seen macro set ups for, which essentially convert 'o to ó.

I would be willing to use either a key combination, or two-key approach, the main requirement is that it needs to be system-wide (thus the macros aren't an acceptable solution).

What are my options? Do I just need to get out a keyboard mapper and map some key combinations to my accented vowels? I'm hoping for something a bit more standard than that, if possible.

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Go into the keyboard layout options and map Compose to a key (my personal preference is Menu). That way you can type ComposeN~ and get ñ, among many others.


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