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I am running the GNOME 3 desktop environment on Ubuntu 11.04. I accidentally clicked the "Don't show again" option when a notification from NetworkManager came up, but would now like to have it back. How can I restore it?

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Restore a missing network manager.

Run application (Alt+F2 or click on empty space on panel scroll to 'run application' add to panel.

  1. Press the combination Alt+F2. This opens the "Run Application" window.
  2. Type into the "Run Application" text box:

    nm-applet --sm-disable
  3. Click "Run"

    Snip of Run App on vbox,ubuntu

Read this article for more information.

Open terminal and type gconf-editor then press Enter. This will open the 'Configuration Editor'.

After that, go to:

  1. /apps/nm-applets

    Click on it. Clicking on the right side will tell you what each file does.

  2. /schemas/apps/nm-applets

image of ubuntu config editor

Your NetManager could be set to 'hide'. I do not know which box to tick to restore. It could be 'disable-disconnected-notifications'.

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