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I am suffering from a strange behaviour of Windows XP on my HP Pavilion DV2000 laptop: when I open any browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, ...) it always automatically goes back to the previous page, until it reaches the very first opened page.

I checked possible causes:

  1. Backspace key is stuck? No, it was not!

  2. Virus or malware: I used many antivirus or malware removers but no virus or malware was detected. Reinstalling Windows did not fix the problem.

What could I do now? Is it a hardware bug?

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I had this very same problem just a moment ago. I thought "what is going on"?! No keys stuck, I could type as usual. Every single browser acted odd .. hammering the back button all the time.

Turns out, my remote's back button was jammed and causing this.

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