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I would like to create a Microsoft Word document (doc or dot), that faciliates filling a form (or a table) in such a way that user types one character and the cursor is moved to the next cell. Like in the following exhibit for a eight-letter word:

enter image description here

Currently, I am achieving this by using one-row table and pressing Tab after each character.

Is there a way to do this either by customizing table oraz using the Form Controls from the developer tab?

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why no using fixed width character font instead (even with a custom background)? Because that seems like a lot of hassle – dvhh Jul 13 '11 at 8:42
@dvvh It is a good idead. Is fixed width settable on any font or do I have to find a font that has fixed width by design? Write it as an answer so I can upvote that. – nan Jul 13 '11 at 8:53
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As told already, I might be easier to use a fixed width font, you have to use a font that has a fixed width by design, to name a few on windows system:

  • Consolas
  • Courrier New (most common)
  • Lucida console
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