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Before I commit to the 5 minutes it should take to write this I figure I should ask if it isn't already out there as part of something I may not have heard of. I'm looking for a program that takes a file [input_file] and directory as input, and then searches that directory and all sub directories for any files with the same name as input_file. Renames anything it finds and then copies over input_file.

Looking for a windows solution so something .exe or easy to compile preferred.

Is this the right place to ask this? Based on something I just read this will get closed as off topic... uh.. please no?

Ok it you think its off topic... is there a dos shell command to do this? That's gotta be on topic.

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The question is on topic. It is a sufficiently specific and reasonably well worded software recommendation question and is within the bounds of the FAQ. – bwDraco Jul 13 '11 at 22:18
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find will help you find the files, and cp -b will rename the file first if it already exists.

find some\dir -name input_file -execdir cp -b path\to\input_file . ;
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find is like, the best program of all time +1 – Doc Jul 13 '11 at 22:17

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