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Is there a way to enlarge python's console font? I'm on Kubuntu 11.04.

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Python itself doesn't have a console - but you're probably using it in a graphical terminal emulator program, such as gnome-terminal or xterm. In gnome-terminal, Control+Plus (iirc) gets you a larger font, and in xterm, Shift+NumpadPlus. You can also save your preference, either using the menu or using some X resources.

Xterm (and some others) also has popup menus, if you hold Control and a mouse button.

After testing in PyMOL, I find that it uses Tkinter, and has a hardcoded font selection code in pmg_tk/skins/normal/ In my copy, it selects a Bitstream Vera Sans Mono font, point size from 9 to 12, such that "PyMOL" is at least 31 pixels wide. Altering the limits there is possible, but I'd suggest submitting a feature request to make it configurable.

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Thank You so much. It fixed the console font. The menu font could be fixed using /usr/share/pyshared/pmg_tk/ and in there change pass after def initializeTk_unix(self): line by the self.root.option_add('*Font', 'Tahoma 14'). The last font which has to be fixed - is a PyMOL viewer font - it is still tiny. – Adobe Jul 13 '11 at 10:53

PyMOL has two windows, a Tcl/Tk Upper Control Panel and a lower OpenGL Viewer. You can control the Upper Control Panel's font size using Setting > Output Size > .... You can control the OpenGL Viewer's Object Menu's text size (the A/S/H/L/C buttons) by selecting Setting > Control Size > .... You cannot currently (easily) edit the Viewer window's console text size.

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Here are two files which solve the font problem (works at least for PyMOL 1.4.1): which should be at:


and also file from:



enter image description here

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