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I am trying to install haskell-platform-2011.2.0.1 onto my SUSE 11.4. I have got all the dependencies required for ./configure, which works ok. But when getting to make, it builds with this error:


Scanning system for any installed Haskell Platform components...

Found: None.

New packages to install: None! All done.

Building transformers- "/usr/bin/ghc" "--make" "Setup" "-o" "Setup" "-package" "Cabal" Linking Setup ... "./Setup" "configure" "--package-db=../../packages/package.conf.inplace" "--prefix=/usr/local" "--with-compiler=/usr/bin/ghc" "--with-hc-pkg=/usr/bin/ghc-pkg" "--with-hsc2hs=/usr/bin/hsc2hs" "--enable-library-profiling" "--ghc-pkg-option=--package-conf=../../packages/package.conf.inplace" Configuring transformers- "./Setup" "build" Preprocessing library transformers- Building transformers-

Control/Monad/IO/Class.hs:19:7: Could not find module System.IO': Perhaps you haven't installed the profiling libraries for packagebase'? Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.

Error: Building the transformers- package failed make: * [build.stamp] Error 2

How do I install the missing System.IO module?

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