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I'm trying to type "fi" ligature ("fi") on Windows 7. Its unicode code is FB01, or 64257. I tried the two first methods on this page (Alt+fb01 and Alt064257), but they didn't work.

How to type it?

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Alt+(F-B-0-1) generally won't work for reasons we don't need to get into. In this case, the zero in 064257 isn't needed (although it doesn't hurt). To get the ligature:

  1. Turn on Numlock
  2. Hold Alt
    • Type 64257 on the numpad
  3. Release Alt

Typing the regular numbers along the top of the keyboard won't work, you have to use the numpad.

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Trying your method gives me different character: "☺". –  liori Jul 29 '11 at 8:21
I try this in a Notepad in an English-localized Windows 7 with Polish "programmers" keyboard. The font is the default one: Lucida Console--according to Character Map application, it contains this specific ligature. When copy-pasting from Character Map into Notepad the character shows up correctly. –  liori Jul 29 '11 at 14:45

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