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I have photos on my hard drive that I would like to upload to Google Plus using drag and drop. But drag and drop does nothing. I don't know which of the following parties are to blame:

  • Image viewer (I tried Image Magick and quiver)
  • Window manager (mine is FVWM, which I have been using for a long, long time—reluctant to switch)
  • Web browser (Linux version of Google Chrome)

I'd be happy to use any image viewer I could get to work. (F-Spot, which is my favorite, crashes.) But I really prefer to stick with Chrome and with FVWM. Searching suggests that perhaps an FVWM extension is needed for drag and drop, but I can't make sense of what I am reading.


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No, the drag and drop you refer to here is not under FVWM's control -- what you've read refers to the FvwmDragWell, which has nothing to do with what you're after.

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