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All Mac applications use -Cmd-Z to redo the last undone action. All, that is, except Microsoft Office. Office prefers that you use Cmd-Y instead. -Cmd-Z is mapped to something else – worse, it's something which seems to be un-undoable based on my repeated accidental hits of it.

I've gone into Tools → Customize Keyboard but Redo doesn't appear in the (unsearchable) list anywhere. I can't find the mapping for -Cmd-Z either so that I can reassign it to something innocuous.

Does anyone know of a hack I might employ to 'fix' this behaviour and force Word (and Excel) to behave like good little Mac programs? Failing that, can anyone tell me what -Cmd-Z is mapped to so that I might disable it?

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Thanks for the edit. I must learn markdown for keys. – Tim Kemp Jul 15 '11 at 17:24
Thank you for the explanation. Their diabological design decision left me entirely befuddled after I pressed cmd+shift+z a couple times, then pressed cmd+y after it didn't work... strange things started happening, and when I pressed edit the "redo" function wasn't even there. It turns out that cmd+shift+z maps to some useless irrevocable action. – pete Aug 28 '14 at 21:19
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Have you tried EditRedoOrRepeat?

Tools → Customize Keyboard → Edit → EditRedoOrRepeat.

Press Cmd--Z, click Assign, then OK, done!

enter image description here

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Perfect, thanks! – Tim Kemp Jul 15 '11 at 17:22
Thank you, this always annoyed the hell out of me... – mikegreiling Jan 10 '14 at 20:46

In addition to the accurate instructions provided by slhck, I found I also needed to remove the existing assignment for Cmd--Z, which was assigned to the Reset Character command. To do that, go to:

Tools → Customize Keyboard → All Commands → ResetChar

In the Current keys box, select the listing for Cmd-⇧-Z and then click the Remove button. Then click OK. Note that I had to do this before assigning the shortcut to the EditRedoOrRepeat command.

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