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In Word 2007, I'm trying to create a template with numbered headers, and I'm using numbered styles with outline levels. The outline works, but the lower level numbers don't reset after each higher level header, i.e.:

  1. Header 1

    1. Subpart 1
    2. Subpart 2
  2. Header 2

    3. Subpart 1

How can I make the numbers reset?

The styles are based on header 1, header 2, etc.

I can't use a multi-level list (unless it can be done automatically when applying the styles) because that would complicate the stuff under each sub-header.

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You can right click on the number 3 and click on Restart at 1

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I know that it can be done manually - I want it to automatically restart after each higher-level header. –  user90432 Jul 15 '11 at 20:05

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