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I want to create a screen captured audio (microphone) - video presentation of my software. So i'm looking for best screencasting softwares out there which should allow me to edit recorded audio and video as well as adjust audio.. fast-forward specific portion of video.. zoom in and out specific portions in real-time without loosing quality as well as few cool effects on software window. Please check following 3 videos :

From those videos, i'm looking for following features : - I would like to have text typing effect. - The browser window is tilted a little when typing to give really cool 3d like effect. - Zooming of specific potions really look cool in real-time without loosing any graphic quality.

Please suggest me softwares and tools i can use to create similar video presentation. It doesn't matter even if the software and tools are commercial/paid products.

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The primary difference between screen recording apps is to what extent one can add their own presentation overlays (call outs, cursors, dialogs, alerts, labels, etc.) and how easy/flexible doing so is, so I'd argue it is on-topic for graphic design. – DA. Jul 3 '11 at 17:19

Camstasia Studio 7 is awesome! Easy to use and intuitive!

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