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I want to use anti-aliasing and hinting with gvim on windows. On my *nix box I just added the following to my .Xresources file:

Xft.antialias:  true
Xft.rgba:       rgb
Xft.hinting:    true
Xft.hintstyle:  hintfull

How do I achieve the same in windows?

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Vim doesn't use Xft on Windows; instead the native Windows font rendering is used.

The subpixel antialiasing is called "ClearType". In Windows 7 it is on by default, and adjustable through Control Panel → Appearance and Personalization → Display → Adjust ClearType text. On Windows XP, use ClearType Tuner. Font hinting is always enabled.

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Oh, I've turned off ClearType because I didn't like it. Can I enable it only for gvim? – user12932 Jul 16 '11 at 15:07
No. (It's technically possible but you would need to patch Gvim.) If ClearType looks bad to you, try adjusting contrast in CT Tuner. – grawity Jul 16 '11 at 15:18

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