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I am using Fedora 12 and I have Firefox 3.5, but I want to upgrade it to Firefox 5.0 version using yum.

However, when I do that it says that no updates are available because my yum repository is old.

Can any one help me with how to upgrade it? I know there is a command yum upgrade yum, but can it update my whole repository? I do not want to use that because it is time consuming.

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It doesn't take that long... – Misha Jul 16 '11 at 8:49
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You can't update your system because Fedora 12 has reached end of life, and hasn't received any new updates since December 2, 2010. Firefox 5 is only available on the latest version of Fedora, Fedora 15.

The easiest way to upgrade to Fedora 15 is to use preupgrade. There are instructions that explain how to upgrade using preupgrade on the Fedora wiki. Your Firefox will be updated to version 5 as part of this process.

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Be careful, upgrading from Fedora 12 directly to Fedora 15 (or some such large step) will probably not work, you'd have to go one version at a time (and the stepping stones in thes case will also be end-of-life, as Fedora gets updates for 2 versions + 1 month).

If really needed, look at the instructions given on Fedora's page. But it is probably easier to just reinstall in this case.

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