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There is this wonderful one click dictionary extension for firefox and chrome with the help of which I can know the meanings of any words on a web page on the fly. This extensions searches the dictionary meaning for the word I double click on the web page. I see that there is no such extension for Opera browser. When I double click a word on the web page it shows up an annoying pop up that asks me to search the meaning on google/dictionary, etc.

Is there an easy look up dictionary extension in Opera as in chrome and firefox?

PS: I am certainly not looking for Opera dictionary widget as an option because it is rather annoying that I copy paste the word on the web page into the widget and search for its meaning.

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There is a very useful extension: HyperTranslate

After installing it you can change some settings. For example, use "Double click a word" to translate by double clicking one word, or set key to press to translate a sentence. You should first deactivate Opera's pop-up menu on double clicking (advanced settings-> panels->check-box).

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