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I have Windows 7 on a CD-ROM and downloaded as an ISO image. I need to reinstall Windows on a HP Mini 311 - 1000NR laptop which has no CD-ROM drive. In the BIOS I have the option to network boot or boot from a USB drive.

I don't own a USB drive large enough to house Windows so I'm left with the network boot option.

How can I install Windows 7 from the network? I have a Windows XP laptop and an Ethernet network on a router.

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Without some server type imaging solution I don't see network install working out very well. I would look at an install from hard disk tutorial like this. That's just what I would do in your situation.

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I bought an external CD-ROM drive. I used your answer regarding difficulty to help determine my choice. – P.Brian.Mackey Aug 23 '11 at 13:39

There is a guide here: How to Install Vista on a M200 Without a CD Drive Using TFTP

Following that looks like it should do what you are after, and should equally apply to Windows 7.

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