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I am trying to run Intex USB Tv Tuner device on Windows 7.

I had installed its driver and application (honestech TVR 3.0). From the control panel, I can see that the driver is installed successfully and device is being detected. The device has 3 ports.

  1. to connect device with PC/Laptop (USB port)
  2. to connect cable wire
  3. for audio output as I guess.

But I don't know if any additional configuration is required. As per my knowledge, after connecting the device I just need to start honestech or Windows media player. But they are not detecting the device.

What should I do?

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Have you installed the software? When I tried one of those, it included a dedicated tuner/player module that was independent of the players. And it allowed recording, too.

enter image description here

If the device uses a simulated serial port, you may need to adjust the port numbers.

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i already mentioned in the question that i am using honestech TVR 3.0. Suggest if if some good in your knowledge – Amit Gupta Jul 18 '11 at 13:33
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Well my problesm has been resolved, when i installed it on Windows XP. In windows 7 it was installing default drivers coming with OS itself. I installed latest version of TV application. But it dint work. The same i tried on my another machine having windows XP. And it worked on first attempt only. So there is no issue with hardware.

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