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I have been looking for a program for creating photo slideshows. I found this video on YouTube which shows the exact kind of slideshow I want to create:

Does anyone know a program that can do this, preferably freeware or open source? Commercial programs are okay as a last resort.

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Try Google's Picasa - it creates great sideshows, montages and movies from photo collections. And it's free.

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and Picasweb integrates with Google+! – kzh Jul 17 '11 at 21:54

Another option is Windows Live MovieMaker.

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I am not sure which feature is your favourite part of this video. If it is the chroma, many photo management softwares could do such processing with a batch, it is contributed by slideshow software. If it is the splited layout or the transition effects, may be what you expected.

Besides, it has a unique feature that synchronize all transitions with music pace, which could make your work quite cool if you have appropriate back ground music

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