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I use Aurora and want to know where I can find release notes for each update to Aurora.

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On Aurora's wiki page:

there seems to be a link to the most recent commit messages :

enter image description here

The Meeting Notes also offer added information on each "release."

They also have release notes on the mozilla blog, here.

So in some way the "Future of Firefox" blog is what you're looking for.

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Great answer - there really isn't a release notes at the aurora stage, since it's basically a development preview version. Aurora is basically a soft-freeze - code needs special approval to get added after the merge point, and strings are already frozen to give translators a full 12 weeks to work on each release. It's not until beta that the shape of the code is final enough to start thinking about release notes - the code freeze standards there are basically to only allow fixes to be committed for unshipped bugs, bugs that would trigger a chemspill, or things of comparable urgency. – Stephanie Jul 23 '11 at 0:53

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