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What's a good portable backup-tool, for a bunch of Linux/Windows machines? It should only backup data-folders specified by the user, doesn't need to be full images of the system.

Ideally, the backup target could be a network share/linux server; what's important is that the clients run both Linux and Windows, and I'd like a single solution for all of them. Ah and it should work on x64 Win7 ;)

Is such a tool out there?

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Rsync is the best network backup you're going to find. Deltacopy is a nice Windows port, with a frontend, scheduling and email reporting.. It also has a Windows server. I've used it on Xp, 2003, 208 and Windows 7 without problems. For the Linux machines, you can just use native rsync.

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I use BackupPC - it's fantastic:


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BackupPC is great but I had some problems to access a Windows 7 share (from Debian Linux). I found that Windows Live ID Assistant was the problem (really weird but after uninstalling it, it works). –  labilbe Feb 18 '11 at 0:54

Unison file synchronizer is the best thing I found so far. It's like rsync, only better, because it supports two-way sync and profiles. It also seems more resistant than rsync to cross-platform issues like permissions and file names.

The only downside compared to rsync is speed. My 60 GB home directory, after a single day's work, can be backed up to a USB drive in about 2 minutes with rsync, about 10 minutes with Unison.

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Or if you want something a little more user friendly you could try crashplan which does everything you ask and also allows you to do backups to a friends system over an internet connection and to their online backup system (the last bit requires a paid subscription)

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rdiff-backup. Really stable and good.

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I have successfully used Linbox Rescue Server. It can backup full images as well as selected data from multiples Windows and Linux systems. It runs on a dedicated Linux server connected on the same LAN as the target machines.

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Try out ShadowProtect - It REALLY does fast backups of the system.

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