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One of the servers I frequently log into via SSH has changed it's IP address. So, now I'm getting man in the middle attack warnings when I try to use SSH via Windows Powershell and OpenSSH for Windows.

On a linux machine, I would just remove the offending line from ~/.ssh/known_hosts. But, the ~/.ssh directory seems to be empty.

Where is the known_hosts file for Powershell/OpenSSH? I've checked in C:\Program Files\OpenSSH\home\anschauung\.ssh, but that folder is empty as well.

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On windows it is usually stored in the %USERPROFILE%\ssh or %USERPROFILE%\.ssh folders. If you type %USERPROFILE% into the Windows explorer address bar it will expand it automatically. You can also try cd /d %USERPROFILE%\ssh or cd /d %USERPROFILE%\.ssh from a command prompt.

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