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I'd like to convert a couple thousand zip files to 7z, with maximum compression and multithreading enabled.

Also in another place. Like c:\temp\file.zip to f:\converted\file.7z

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Nevermind, http://www.peazip.org/ does the job just fine!

Edit: But hell, it takes way too long....

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And it also can't handle some zips that contain filenames in "bad" encodings like cp1251 or koi8r or something like that. –  Sergey Jul 15 '13 at 10:09

I wrote a script in Python - https://raw.github.com/pashinin/scripts/master/zip27z.py You can run it with:

./zip27z.py your_archive.zip

and it will create your_archive.7z near it.

Or you can install it on your system with make install (if you see the repo)

And just call:

zip27z your_archive.zip

It needs unzip and 7za programs.

You can modify it as you wish for your needs (and send me a pull request)

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