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I'm using the very latest release of 7-zip to compress some files from the command line on my Windows XP machine.

All the small archives work fine... but the bigger ones... always give "invalid or corrupted" messages.

I have to compress from the commmand-line (7-zip)... and I have to produce zip files that can be uncompressed with the standard unzip that's built into Windows XP. (NOT forcing all my users/customers to get 7-zip.... or anything else... just to compress these files.)

All the invalid/corrupted zip files seem to have this in common:

They are big (>7gb). (The files inside are about 600mb each)

They are compressed with a basic "a" option using 7-zip

They are trying to be uncompressed with Windows XP's standard unzipper

They all test 100% ok with 7-zip's "-test" or "-list" options

Any ideas? Maybe 7-zip is using some "big file" or "high compression" algorithm, that I need to avoid? (But the "-m" option is a nightmare to figure out.)

I don't need to "fix/repair" these "corrupted" (but actually fine) zip files. I just need a way to get FUTURE files compressed with 7-zip... that can be later safely uncompressed with a basic Windows XP machine.

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Have you tried Info-ZIP yet? – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Jul 18 '11 at 20:34

7-ZIP has an option to make SFX archives, this allows you to compress with 7-ZIP and makes the archive an executable(exe) file. The Windows user just needs to double click the exe and select a location to extract the contents.

Also about your problem with corrupted archives, the only workaround that would come to mind is to split all the archives then have a sort of "bootstrap" to execute extraction of the first part which in turn will extract the other parts, I would only consider this if it was worth the effort to do this.

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You only specified "XP", you haven't told us Service Pack level or which file system you're using ... (never assume)

You mention that the archive files are >7GB; is it possible that you're running into some filesystem limitations?

Have you tried using the -v (create volumes) switch?

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